Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our Bookstore Presents:

Special Course in Human Evaluation Lecture Series – CD

Use the skills of human evaluation in your life:
• Be able to accurately spot a person’s emotional tone level in minutes
• Learn how to find people you can trust and depend on
• Increase your effectiveness in communication by knowing how to precisely spot, match and control tone.

How do you know who to trust? Who to hire or promote? Who to watch out for? How can you infallibly spot a person's Emotional Tone Level?

Here's data covered nowhere else that enables you to penetrate the social veneer and perceive the real person you have in front of you. In fact, you'll know how to gain in minutes the equivalent of years of experience with the person.

Ron details the application of Human Evaluation in the most practical of terms. How do you spot a person's Emotional Tone Level by observing their communication, their attitudes, their reaction to motion, the state of their possessions and much more. And here's how to gain agreement and cooperation from someone in anger, cover hostility, apathy or any other emotional tone.

This is technology for your use — powerful principles to create sanity.

Price: $170.00

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