Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feb 6, 2008: Free Lecture "Conditions of Existence"

Are you succeeding in life or are things going downhill?

If a person inspects their own life it will be noticed that any area of it is in a certain condition – it is either improving, staying about the same, or going downhill.
This could be true for a career, but also other areas, like relationships, for example.

What are the different conditions of existence and how can you navigate through them to get from going downhill up to expansion and success?

Attend this lecture and find out:

What are the 12 conditions of existence?
Have you experienced a slump after a very affluent period? Find out WHY.
Why is it dangerous when an area of life stays in the same condition for a long time?
What are the exact steps that will take an area from a state of contraction up to expansion?

Attend this lecture and learn the practical tools that will bring order and expansion to your life - in your career, personal relationships, or any other area.

Lecture begins: 8:00 pm., Feb 6-th
Refreshments are included!

To RSVP please call (818) 995-3460 for Erica or Maria.

6 Feb 08:
Conditions of Existence

13 Feb 08:
Make Your Relationship a Success

20 Feb 08:
Help Your Child Become an "A" Student!

27 Feb 08:
How to Choose the Right People

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