Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do you prefer listening to reading?

If you prefer listening to your books in audio format rather than reading them I have good news for you!

Now you can obtain any of the 18 Scientology and Dianetics basic books in an audio-book format. In these books you will learn a lot of interesting datum, such as what is a basic reason anyone is successful or what is it that destroys a will to live.

Scroll down and learn more.

Some other things you will learn from these books are:

* How does your mind work?
* What makes a person experience certain emotion?
* How does your mind affect your health?
* What are the two kinds of communication?
* How do you predict others behavior and actions?
* What is the basic reason anyone is successful?
* What is the ideal state of a being?
* Can there be a single source of life forms? Why or why not?
* How can you improve your memory?
* What is it that destroys a will to live?
* How can a person still be creating something without knowingly doing it?
* What is the exact way to improve your communication?

There is a LOT more invaluable knowledge about life and YOU in these books.
Get a complete set! Call me and I will have them shipped the same day.

If you want more information -- e-mail or call me back!

The package price for all 18 books is $325.00 - it is 20% off. If you already own 8 audio-books that were released earlier in 2009, then the total would be $200.00.


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