Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great news... This past weekend we had another Grade I completion! Grade I is a series of Scientology auditing processes that allow you to gain the ability to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish. The success story below exemplifies just that.

I just want to remind you - we are here to help! That's what Scientology is all about - helping you become a better you.

If you would like more info about what Scientology is all about, please check out our website www.scientology-shermanoaks.org

Until next week...


"This Grade turned out to be incredible. When I first began, I had trouble seeing how it was applicable in life... then, as I moved along, I realized that problems were vanishing (no other word for it). I was handling stuff - big stuff, little stuff. Then I suddenly realized that I had a completely different approach to 'problems,' and thus, Life. Wow!! Now I understand that this 'shift' is a completely new viewpoint! This is totally applicable on a daily basis and it's a completely life-altering Grade. I now feel more competent, more responsible and best of all... I don't 'get' problems anymore! Too cool!"

S.J., Grade I completion

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