Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We have been pretty busy here at the Mission. This weekend the 'What is Scientology?' lecture was packed out and so much fun! And we just had another Life Repair completion! Her success story is inspiring...

We also had more staff completions this week! Last week both David Guzzone and myself completed our next steps on the Bridge. All of our success stories are below. Check them out!

Have a great week,

"For years I have been searching for answers to "big" questions, such as, what is the point of life, why do we as humans behave the way we do, and why do we interact with others in the way we do. Now with my introduction to Scientology, I feel I have received some answers, and a defined pathway to achieving personal peace and clarity on the purpose of our existence.
"Life Repair has also improved my ability to cope with problems an sources of anxieties in my daily life."

-G.C., Life Repair Auditing completion


"Throughout this process of ARC Straightwire I felt my desire and ability of havingness increase. I actually don't think I knew what havingness was until this process.
y in my last session the fact that I am a spiritual being became more apparent and I also became aware that my ability to have and create space had moved up to another level.
"Also I have gained a lot more understanding of the 4th Dynamic as a whole. How we are connected by our
agreements and how much more affinity and communication is needed in the world. I was able to spot my own resistance to communication which has blown to a large degree. Put all these things together and I really do know that I will not get any worse in life. That is a great feeling."

-David Guzzone, ARC Straightwire completion


"My biggest win was when I realized the drugs, medicine and alcohol were really leaving my body. I could write a list of the ways I came to realize this, but I will keep this simple.
"Am I glad to be released of that stuff - really must I answer that? Yes I am! And I am just one step closer to returning to the purest essence of Erica."

-Erica Goings, Scientology Drug Rundown completion

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