Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thank you to everyone that came out to this past weekend’s What is Study Technology? lecture. We had a great turnout and a fun time! And you are invited to come by again this coming weekend to our Ready to Reach Your Goals? workshop by Daniel Hall.

Check out our latest success stories below and see you on Saturday!


“One day my father's hand was injured in a construction accident. It was locked in a grip-like position and he couldn’t move it. He was told, by the very best authorities, that he would require surgery. I asked him if he would like some help and managed with quite some effort to get a grudging ‘yes.’ I applied one of the processes from the chapter ‘Exact Processes’ out of Fundamentals of Thought. Within five minutes he had restored full use of his hand. He was amazed and said, ‘This is mind over matter, where’s that book? I have to read it!’”

-D.L., read Fundamentals of Thought

“I had been lagging on my course because I started to get ‘too busy.’ I made a concentrated effort to get back on course twice today. After my first course period ended things started to shift toward my ideal. What I mean by that is things I had wanted to happen started to happen. I recently finished a TV pilot and I’ve started shopping it around town. Well, one of the main groups I wanted to get it to, got it to today via somebody other than myself! Talk about crazy! I love it. I feel that getting back on course allowed this to happen. I plan on finishing my course soon. I can’t wait! Big things are on the way - I can feel it!"

-P.B., Courseroom student

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