Wednesday, April 01, 2009

HI friends! I read this success story and just had to share it with you. It reminded me of my personal journey and search for fulfillment before I, too, read Dianetics.

Enjoy and we will meet here again next week.

With Love,


“"Prior to reading Dianetics I had been searching for a long time, and everywhere, to find answers to questions about life, and human behavior and myself. You name it - I tried it: self improvement, healing, motivational books, etc. But it wasn't until I saw Dianetics that I realized for the first time that the subject of the mind is not a mystery. I have pursued the subject of Dianetics and now I am Clear and can clear others as well. I have never felt so stable and able to think so clearly. Now I make my life go the way I want it to."

-N.F., read Dianetics

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