Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This week we had 3 completions and I am one of them. Yes, me! Yours truly completed the Happiness Rundown! I know, I am excited too! This Rundown was incredible and I am happy to share my wins with you. My success story is below.


"Each step I take seems to get better and better. I really see why this Rundown is called the Happiness Rundown. I finally was able to get to the root of things that were creating confusion for me and blocking my true happiness. By me being cause over myself and situations, I create my happiness. Throughout this Rundown I had moments where specific things would happen in my personal life and the next day while in session, those specific things would be covered in the Rundown. Like those particular things were created so that I could get the gains of the Happiness Rundown. Lots of wins. Awesome Rundown."

Erica Goings
Happiness Rundown completion

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